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~~Voyageurs Outfitters.......... is your full sevice outfitter for Voyageus National Park and Rainy Lake. We offer personalized adventures custom tailored to  meet your needs. We offer all services to make your Northern Minnesota vacation the most enjoyable it can be. You decide what equipment you need, what kind of supplies you want and it will all be ready for you. Voyageurs Outfitter can accomodate any and all of your needs. Contact us today to discuss the options for your next vacation on Rainy Lake and Voyageurs National Park. Come see what Northern Minnesota and Voyageurs county have to offer. World class fishing, natural widelife and awe inspiring beauty abound.

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~The Story of Voyageurs Outfitters:

Most everyone desires to realize their dreams, yet few are able to embrace them and make them a reality. Established in 2011, Voyageurs Outfitters was launched to bring a dream to life. We have engaged in a lifelong passion that all started with our adventures growing up in Northern Minnesota. These adventures have allowed us to build a deep connection with the wilderness of Voyageurs National Park and has inspired our dreams. We believe these dreams have encouraged creativity and openness and this is what best describes the nature of Voyageurs Outfitters. Voyageurs Outfitters operates with the sole purpose of presenting the adventures of Northern Minnesota to a diverse array of guests so that they too will find their dreams. We know firsthand what it is like to discover your dreams in the wilderness of Voyageurs National Park and Voyageurs Outfitters is committed to providing your customized adventure simply because that is our passion. We encourage you to contact us today to discuss the adventure of your dreams. Your adventure is out there…