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Well it is finally that time of year here in Voyageurs National Park and Rainy Lake. The historical kettlefalls regatta is upon us. Sailors and their vessels will set out on Saturday in order to claim the coveted Kettle Falls regatta trophy. Thunderbird Lodge will be the site that we leave and our destination is the Kettle Falls hotel. The bag papers will blow us up to the bar where festivities, fun, music, and friends will abound. Come out and cheer the sailors on and pick your favorite sailboat to win the race. Hope to see you all at Kettle Falls on Saturday night or Thunderbird on Friday night to enjoy the spectacle that is the Kettle Falls regatta. Rainy Lake offers some of the finest sailing experiences in the border waters region of the heart of the content. Endless miles of Lake high lights historical rocks Wildlife and pristine waters are here for your enjoyment. Book a trip today or charter your own sailboat from Voyageurs Outfitters and we will meet your sailing excursion dreams in Voyageurs National Park come true.

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