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The newest member of our team is our mascot Pepe Pierre Feat de Gaultier. Pepe comes from a long line of hard working boating Voyageurs. The Voyageurs were the first Europeans to come to the area now known as Voyageurs National Park. They came through trading furs with the first nations people that inhabited the shores of Rainy Lake, Kabetogama, Namakan, and all of the waters now known as Quetico, and Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness. These early boat tour guides laid the groundwork for exploration of this area. Pepe’s namesake Pierre de Gaultier was the father of one of the first Europeans to build a settlement in the area now known as Fort Frances Ontario. Step back in time with a boat tour, canoe trip, sailboat excursion on the border waters or camp the same way the voyageurs did hundreds of years ago.Servicing all of Voyageurs National Park, Quetico, Rainy Lake, Kabetogama, and Namakan Voyageurs Outfitters provides customers with help finding their experiences and making the most out of their time. Other lakes such as Pelican Lake, Mille Lacs, Namakan, Turtle, Deer, Bear Lake, Caribou, Eagle, trout, otter, muskrat, birds, loon don’t have the beauty and serenity of VNP. Voyageurs Outfitters can do full, half power boat, tour boat, water taxi, and sailboat excursions. Let us set up your campsite for full service outfitting services at your fingertips. With coast guard certified captains at the helm you are safe with us. Boat Tours include fuel and complimentary beverage service aboard our day cruise boats and water taxis

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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have questions or faqs about Voyageurs National Park this is where your frequently asked questions are answered.

Q. Where in the world is Voyageurs National Park?

A. Voyageurs National Park is located 2.5 hours north of Duluth on the Canadian Border. 4 hours north of Minneapolis St. Paul. 4 hours east of the Fargo area.

Q. What do I do when I get to Voyageurs National Park?

A. Voyageurs National Park offers a variety of ways to enjoy the splendor of the outdoors on the Canadian Shield. Voyageurs is a water based park, meaning that you will need to get in a boat to see it. This can be accomplished by bringing your own boat, renting one from us, or taking a boat tour with us or the Park Service. Voyageurs is truly a multi-use, multi-faceted park and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Q. Will I need a permit to enter the park?

A. Voyageurs National Park has no entrance fee. That's right it is free. 

Q. That sounds too good to be true, what is the catch?

A. Voyageurs National Park does charge a fee for camping. The cost varies on the site but generally ranges from $15 to $30 per night and can accommodate numerous campers.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation to camp in Voyageurs?

A. Yes. You will need to make a reservation at You will also find useful information there as well.

Q. What will I need to bring with me?

A. That really depends on you. Let me try to explain. If you are the kind of camper that likes to bring everything but the kitchen sink we can do a full set up of your campsite with everything you will need for a luxurious trip. Just let us know what you want and your campsite will be set up for you. If you are the kind that likes to rough it we have minimal packs available so you can travel light. If you have all the gear yourself and just need a ride or a rental that is fine too. It is completely up to you to  what your dream vacation in Voyageurs will look like.

Q. What activities are there to do in Voyageurs? Thing to do?

A. Activities in Voyageurs include fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, touring, boating, water skiing, boat tours, shore lunch excursions, tours of historical sites, birding, wildlife watching, sunbathing, swimming, visiting the resorts or just about anything you can think of. We know how to have fun up here and we can help suggest activities for you and your group.

Q. How should I proceed now that I want to come to Voyageurs National Park.

A. That's easy, call (218) 244-6506 and speak to Eric. Eric is a licensed boat captain and was born and raised in and around Voyageurs National Park. He has many decades of knowledge that he will share with you so that you can get the most out of your trip. He will ask some questions and start a conversation about the best options to optimize your getaway in Voyageurs.

Q. What is a good way to learn to Kayak?

A. Visit this link for a great resource to learn how to kayak.

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