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Logging History in Voyageurs National Park and Surrounding area

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Although logging no longer takes place inside the boundaries of voyageurs National Park pulpwood is still logged in a sustainable manner in northern Minnesota. Long before this though loggers moved tothe area to cut the giant white pine and bring them back to ship builders on the east coast to be used as
ships Masts during the early 1800s. After that the remaining White Pine was cut because of it’s Superior strength and length which made it perfect for construction Lumber. The white pine that was cut between the North Shore of Lake Superior along Rainy river and voyageurs National Park all the way to
Lake of the Woods was used to build the growing cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul Milwaukee and Chicago. Join us on a hiking tour of voyageurs National Park to seeks out some of these native remaining
White Pine that still stand today. Your adventure is out there…


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