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a person standing next to a body of water

“It gave me a moment of exquisite satisfaction to find myself moving away from civilization in this rude canvas canoe, a model that has served primitive races since man first went to sea.”
John Hynge Milton

You are in your Suburban driving 70 MPH on a crowded four-lane interstate. The kids are in the back attached to headphones, you are listening to the sad 6 o’clock news; another murder, failing politicians, Dow went down again. Your wife is on her phone talking loudly to her friend about Instagram, when suddenly a maniac cuts two lanes across directly into your line of disaster. You slam the brakes and honk; the car behind you does as well. Your heart beats through the cavity in your chest and you can’t catch your breath as your family all have the same frightened look on their faces. “We all okay?”’ you ask and continue on your way, unsure of the traffic up ahead. Now, picture yourself with the sun on your back and the lake below. The sound of paddle dipping its head in the gentle water is all you can hear as you glide along the rocky shoreline. You take serene deep breaths of the pine-scented air as you say to yourself, “This is me.”

Native Americans utilized the canoe for centuries as means of lake transportation. In northern Minnesota, the French Voyageurs learned the efficiency of canoe travel when they ventured this area in the 17th and 18th centuries, as stewards of the fur trade. The careful turn of every paddle gliding the vessel onward is our modern equivalent of stepping on the gas or turning up the cruise control. In this world that seems to pass us by like telephone poles down a highway, it’s quite a thing to slow down and let eyes take in the grace of our surroundings.

In a state known for its 10,000 lakes, Voyageurs National Park and the waterways it consists of are truly unique and untouched. Glacier rock formations from the Ice Age have carved countless numbers islands and inlets only to be reached by means of water to this day. This is ideal for adventurous explorers, kayak enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to be surrounded by land and water human hand has not yet grasped.

We, at Voyageur’s Outfitters, believe in the ability of this area to cleanse and replenish the soul. Hiking our islands, bird watching, gazing at the humbling stars above us provide prospective. We provide the means for this life-changing getaway with a variety of canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards that people of all ages and backgrounds can learn to enjoy. In addition, we supply a wide variety of services including delivery of groceries, firewood, coolers and additional gear to make your experience as convenient as possible. We get to live here and we want to share our experience with the world. Picture yourself or your family unplugged from the constant static we surround ourselves in out of necessity. The canoe comforts the quiet splash of the paddle progressing you along as you lose yourself to the silence of gliding the glass surface of water.

Your Adventure is out there…

‘I did a lot of canoe trips early on, and I would get the feel of the forest and the wilderness, you know, that I always knew was in my soul to begin with.’
Gordon Lightfoot

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