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The Protection of Voyageurs National Park & History of Earnest Oberholtzer

Voyageurs National Park is full of splendor and serene beauty, and is a unique and treasured place. Without the efforts of Earnest Oberholtzer and the many others who have dedicated their lives to protecting public lands for future generations, our beloved park would not be what it is today. We are fortunate to have men and women like Oberholtzer who, over the years, have dedicated their time and treasure to defending and protecting our public wilderness areas such as Voyageurs National Park.

The history of Earnest Olberholtzer and the protection of Voyageurs National Park are well documented, and you can learn more about these stories and many others at the Rainy Lake, Kabetogama, and Ash River  visitors centers, along with the Koochiching County Historical Societies Museum and many other resorts and local outlets. Here at Voyageurs Outfitters, we are happy to share the story of Oberholtzer, and guide you through many aspects of his life, including his historical property on Mallard Island and his generous donation to create Ontario’s Sand Point Provincial Park.

Oberholtzer has set an example of what modern conservation should strive to be. The importance of protecting our public lands is more important today than ever. With threats to wild lands coming from various sources, we need to use Oberholtzer’s example of calm but persistent pressure on those threats so that our public lands are protected for future generations to come.

Join us on a historical learning tour of Sand Point Island and the review islands which include Oberholtzer’s very own Mallard Island. Our tour boats are equipped with comfy chairs and complimentary beverages.

Contact us for more information on scheduling a tour to learn more about this spectacular man and the rich history of Voyageurs National Park.

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