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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt posing for the camera

5. Brad Pitt is scared of giant statues so he wouldn’t let Angelina Jolie and the children see Big Vic in Ranier or Smokey the Bear in downtown International Falls. A giant fight ensued and Angelina filed for Divorce.

4. Looking out of the aircraft while circling over Rainy Lake preparing to land at Falls International Airport, the kids’ and Angelina’s hearts were stolen by the beauty of the trees, rocks, and the lake. While trying to express her feelings to Brad he became insane with jealousy and lost his cool while the plane was being refueled. Angelina had a new love in her life, Rainy Lake, and filed for divorce.

3. Brad, after a long trip to France with Angelina and the kids, was at the end of his rope. After landing at Falls International Airport he requested that the pilots make up a “mechanical issue” with the aircraft so that he could slip away and try his hand at small mouth bass fishing on the Rainy River. The pilots, not being trained actors, were unable to fool Angelina. Brad threw a fit and demanded that not only the pilots be replaced with actors but that he be able to go fishing on the river. Angelina considered this an irreconcilable difference and filed for divorce.

2. Fall colors are amazing in Voyageurs National Park right now. After flying over the area and seeing the scenery of the park from the sky Angelina demanded that Brad take her and the kids out in a boat to see the park and have lunch at Kettle Falls. Brad not having any knowledge of boating but being an amazing actor figured he could handle the trip. Much to his surprise and the children’s and Angelina’s discomfort he was grossly unready for the task at hand. Although the scenery of Voyageurs National Park was amazing and the lunch at the Kettle Falls Hotel Delicious he got incredibly lost on the way back. Luckily Angelina had grabbed the number for Voyageurs Outfitters and captain Eric was able to come to their rescue. Angelina being so disappointed in Brad’s inability to keep the children safe filed for divorce.

1. And the number one possible reason why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up while at the International Falls, MN Airport is… Neither of them wanted to leave the beauty of Voyageurs National Park behind but couldn’t agree on which lake in the Park was their favorite. Angelina likes the vast and endless variances of Rainy Lake and Brad prefers the sights and city of Crane Lake. So, stating irreconcilable differences in what part of the Park they love best, they filed for divorce. At least Voyageurs National Park and the gateway communities gained a few more people that appreciate the splendor of Rainy Lake, Kabetogama, Ash River, Namakan, Sand Point, Crane Lake and all of the other aspects of Voyageurs National Park and the communities that surround it. #BrangelinaFallsInternationalAirport

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