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a small boat in a body of water

A New Member of Voyageurs Outfitters Joins the Team

In October of 2017 Voyageurs Outfitters had added a new addition to its family, the new tour boat “Yellow Jacket”. The boat did some light service in the fall taking a couple of families out on tours of Rainy Lake. Included in the tours were the Rainy Lake Visitor’s Center, Bushyhead Island, The Golden Triangle, Oveson’s Fish camp, and Rainy Lake city. Yellow Jacket performed wonderfully delivering persons and gear to their campsites as well. The new boat “Yellow Jacket” is a 23-foot Alumaweld Intruder with a full enclosure, large windshield, and protected cockpit. It features individual and bench seating as well as cabin heat and bathroom facilities. “It is great to have such a modern and comfortable tour boat to add to our fleet.” Says Capt. Eric Johnson. He goes on to say, “This new piece of equipment is a game changer and really ups the level of service we can provide to our tour, water taxi, delivery, and fishing customers.”

a small boat in a body of water

In the upcoming season the Yellow Jacket will be providing tours to Kettle Falls, Anderson Bay, Kempton Channel, through the Brule Narrows and hitting all the great places in Voyageurs National Park to camp, fish, relax, and enjoy the serenity that the park has to offer. The new boat will also be delivering campers and their rental gear to campsites within Voyageurs National Park. Capt. Ryan Punchocar says, “Leave all the work of loading and unloading your gear to us. We can get you out in the Park faster so that you can make the most of your precious vacation time with your friends and family.”

The Yellow Jacket will be able to haul either your personal canoes, kayaks, and SUPs or can haul rental canoe, kayaks, and rental Stand Up Paddleboards anywhere you want them delivered in Voyageurs National Park. Capt. Eric sums it up by saying, “We (Voyageurs Outfitters) are your full-service outfitter for Voyageurs National Park. From tours and water taxi service to your favorite hiking spot, to getting you out to your campsite quickly, the Yellow Jacket will transport you in comfort and safety.” Your adventure is out there…

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