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Everyone wants to have a safe and enjoyable time on the water while visiting voyageurs National Park. Since the park is mostly made up of interconnected waterways you will need to be on a boat in order to fully experience The Wonder of voyageurs. First of all make sure you have the proper amount of life jackets for the people you will have on board. Next you’ll want to check regulations to make sure you have all of the required safety gear. Always keep an eye on the weather and for changing conditions as storms can Brew up fast. Don’t overload Your Vessel with too much gear or people, it’s always safer to make two trips. Use your common sense when you are out in your boat, stay alert, operating at safe speeds and keep all passengers within the confines of the boat while underway.

All of our tours with voyageurs Outfitters include boating tips and tricks from our Coast Guard certified Captain to anyone who is interested in learning.

Your adventure is out there…

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