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a pot that is sitting on the side of a river

Bonjour bitches big Vic to tell you about voyageur Cuisine. The hard work of paddling 10 to 15 hours a day sure did work up an appetite. our camp cooks would make rubbaboo which was a thick pea porridge. it would be so thick that a spoon could stand up in it. we also had jerky and biscuits.
During our Rendezvous boy did we eat good then. the indigenous people of the area would share their fish moose deer wild rice and various nuts and berries. what a grand time we had.
Today campfire cooking in Voyageurs National Park is a popular activity. let the crew of voyageurs Outfitters cook you a variety of foods over the Open Fire much in the same way that us voyageurs did many years ago. From a traditional walleye Shore lunch to ribs and steaks we will make a meal that you will not forget. we will even make a traditional meal of the Voyager rubbaboo your adventure is out there.


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