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Do you have an interest in exploring Rainy Lake? Voyageur’s National Park, in northern Minnesota, is very unique in that it is comprised mostly of water. While this fact may initially intimidate anyone without a boat, boating skills, and navigational know-how, we at Voyageur’s Outfitters are here to help. As a business, we specialize in making your Rainy Lake getaway as fun and memorable as it can be. We have a variety of canoes, kayaks, paddleboards for rent. Groceries, firewood, coolers, and other camp staples are available for on-site delivery in the park by us. Guided boat tours are another asset to persons of all ages and physical ability who want a richer view of Rainy Lake’s majestic beauty, historical sites, and access to hikes on the park’s best islands.

Come aboard with us, anytime from May through October, for a wide variety of tours. The Yellow Jacket comfortably seats six and offers a more fast-paced adventure for those eager to see many parts of the lake. For those seeking a slower pace, we offer trips by sailboat. Our pontoon boat is also available and great for groups. Because we are passionate about sharing the experience of Rainy Lake and Voyageur’s National Park, we accommodate for persons of all ability with wheelchair-accessible boats. Appointment is necessary, and our website offers a list of available tours.

From the early Native Americans of this area, to the fur-trading French voyageurs of the 17th and 18th centuries, and the hustle of gold-miners at the turn of the 20th century, the Rainy Lake area is steeped in historical interest. Little American Island is a part of local mining lore. The historic Kettle Falls Hotel is a fun destination with a full-service restaurant and bar. Oberholtzer’s Island is another significant sight, not far from the Musket Inn. The park has visitor’s centers on the mainland that offer a wide variety of information useful to newcomers. Registration for campsites, fees, maps, and other information are readily accessible from knowledgeable park rangers and volunteers or at

Rich in wildlife, the opportunities for birding are an added perk to outdoor enthusiasts harboring avian interests. The Bald Eagle nestles and thrives in this area, the elusive nest is a rare treat to encounter. Sightings of this sacred hawk are not uncommon and are said to be a sign of good luck. Many varieties of owls, woodpeckers, songbirds, and fowl are part of this rich northern paradise. There is nothing more reassuring of your proximity to nature then the eerie coo of the Common Loon. Aptly knighted as Minnesota’s state bird, our beloved loon is a black and white bird with a keen red eye. Its ghostly night call resonates deep and christens any true north woods vacation.

If you imagine yourself exploring any part of Voyageur’s National Park and Rainy Lake, or the Rainy River, please consider our vast offerings of upcoming 2019 boat tours. Having grown up in this area, we know its layout, history, wildlife, and points of scenic interest. Lake navigation can be intimidating on waters of this size and without a boat; any vacation to Rainy Lake would fall short. Let our experienced Coast Guard Certified captains take you and yours out in comfort for an amazing sightseeing event with custom destinations suited to your desires. Whether you are up for a great island hike with birding opportunities, or are a history buff curious about native peoples, the voyageurs, gold-miners, or loggers, there is a guided boat tour that is sure to pique your interests. Allow Voyageur’s Outfitters the opportunity to shape your upcoming vacation this summer, we would love to take you aboard!

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