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Boat Tour in Voyageurs National Park











How do you get around Voyageurs National Park?

To answer the question about how you get around in Voyageurs National Park you first have to know a little bit about Voyageurs and the history behind it. Voyageurs National Park is a “water based” national park. Meaning that the only way to really get into the interior of the park is to get on a boat. But long before Voyageurs was a national park in northern Minnesota along the Canadian border, these lands were only accessible by the waterways. The French Voyageurs were the first Europeans to paddle these waterways in search of the Northwest passage, a way to get to the Pacific Ocean from the east to the west. Long before the French Voyageurs were paddling on the waters of Rainy Lake, Namakan, Kabetogama, Sand Point, and Crane Lake the Indigenous people of the area used these waterways for travel and trading. Today in Voyageurs you have a couple of options when it comes to getting out on the water to enjoy the park. First you can come along with us on one of our boat tours to Kettle Falls, Little American Island, Rainy Lake City, and Bushy Head Island. Sit back and relax while one of our experienced captains tells you all about the rich history of the area while you take in the spectacular views of the wilderness and wildlife. For those with a bit of boating experience you can rent one of our luxurious and state of the art rental pontoon boats that are available. If exercise and a quieter way of experiencing the park is more your style you can rent a canoe or kayak from us to paddle the pristine waters of Rainy Lake. But no matter what your mode of travel is there are few better places than on a boat tour in Voyageurs National Park. Your adventure is out there…